Regional sales manager

Job requirements:
1. College degree or above, experience in cold chain related industry.
2. Have good channel customer relationship, understand the marketing channel development and business construction of the cold chain industry, and have good market analysis and judgment ability.

Description of job:
1. Responsible for the analysis of market dynamics and development trends in the areas under its jurisdiction, and implement corresponding sales according to the changing laws of the market to complete the corresponding sales targets.
2. Responsible for establishing and continuously expanding the local sales network, and establishing long-term and stable cooperative relations with major distributors and customers in the region.
3. Responsible for the coordination of customer relationships and the development and integration of customer resources
4. Responsible for signing the sales contract and returning the purchase price on time.

Sales Assistant

Job Requirements
1. College degree or above, major in English, , trading, or related.CET-4 or above level.Fluently in English (oral & written).
2. Over 1 year working experiences on overseas business development in consumer electronic industry,freshman also be welcome,we have great opportunity to get development and promotion within the Jocean,we want you.
3. Be good at communication, expression and negotiation, steady and hardworking.
4. Good international business sense。
5. High ability in overseas marketing and can work under high pressure environment.Organized, self-motivated and good inter personal communication skills.

Job Responsibilities
1. Developing overseas clients by internet & phone call; maintain good relationships with overseas clients
2. Explore and create incremental market share with advantages on service and price
3. Feedback the information of overseas market to company.
4. Complete the other related jobs.

International Sales Manager

1. Develop customers worldwide;
2. Follow up with customer for orders.
3. Maintain existing customers;
4. Feedback on product collection;
5. Do market investigation.

1. University graduates, good oral and written English skills
2. At least 5 years working experience as sales for international trade with concrete achievements;
3. Experience in shoes industry is absolutely an advantage;
4. Good communication skills and problem solving ability, can work independently and prepared for frequent traveling;
5. Responsible, positive, polite, good character and presentation, can work independently, team spirit .
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